Tenancy progression automation tool for real estate agents


Branding, UX, UI Design


Applio gives Letting Agents the ability to manage the whole pre-tenancy process in one place, automating many of the manual tasks of tenancy progression.

Traditional methods of renting a property is a complicated and time-consuming process for everyone involved - agents, tenants and landlords. There are application forms, referencing forms and contracts that take precious time to manually complete, sign and file. Meanwhile, the lettings industry is rapidly changing, with the arrival of online competitors, new legislation and the evolving expectations of landlords and tenants. Agencies need a more efficient way to manage the lettings process, improve their customer experience and create new revenue streams.

Launching 2020

Applio Illustration

Roles & Responsibilities

I led the design of Applio since the outset of the project in April 2019.

The Process

In the exploratory phase of the project, we focused on taking the insights learned from speaking with Agents about their current workflows and pain points, map out use cases and scenarios. In order to identify and move forward with the best solutions as quickly as possible, we iterated through many ideas using sketching, wireframing, and mockups. I presented designs to product stakeholders along the way to get feedback from different angles and shared works-in-progress with the engineer to find better and more feasible options. I also let Agents play with the prototypes to gather feedback and iterate the design.

I designed the interface to be clean and simple, devoid of any distractions in order to maximize the user’s focus while applying. A palette of blues and whites also served to calm the user and keep them focused.

User & Competitor Research
Empathy Map & Personas
Site Map and WireFlow
Low & High Fidelity Mockups
Design System

Outcomes & Lessons Learned

Through insightful feedback from Letting Agents and Tenants, we were able to identify the key requirements for Applio, and design the experience to fulfill them. Through trial and error, we were able to successfully deliver an experience that allows users to easily monitor their progress and complete applications as efficently as possible. The app essentially guides users through their application instead of just forcing them to figure it on their own.

It’s still early days for the service, yet the results have exceeded our expectations. Since the launch Applio has reduced our stakeholders admin time by up to 50% freeing up time for them to work on other areas of their business and take on more properties.

Now that we know the MVP works, we are now looking into rolling this out to other agencies. I am currently working on refining the MVP UI, developing the Applio design system and UI for the marketing website.

Applio user interface